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Ten Steps To Homemade Bloody Severed Wrist Stumps


Viewers of RPS have asked me where I bought the bloody stumps.

I made those bloody stumps.  (although buying would have been easier.)

In the scene where Blake beats Dirk Halsted in RPS, the thugs punish him by sawing his hands off.  Clearly a natural plot progression.

Jim Crowe, brother of Producer Maggie Crowe (and our Special Effects Advisor), had a brilliant
idea.  Water bottles, ribs, skin, chicken meat, and infant nasal aspirators.

Meat and Bones

STEP 2: Eating a hearty dinner is the price you pay for good gore.

Here’s how to make bloody stumps with wrist bones:

1. Get the following things: Two 20 ounce water bottles, two infant nasal aspirators, a bottle of fake blood, a rotisserie chicken, and a rack of ribs.

2. Eat the ribs and chicken for dinner.  Wash ’em both down with the bottles of water.  Keep some extra chicken, and save the skin.  And most importantly, save those rib bones.

Aspirator filled with fake blood

STEP 7: Real baby aspirators, fake blood.

3. Set the ribs bones out on a windowsill and let them dry out.

4. Put the skin and extra chicken meat in a container and refrigerate.Cut the water bottles in half, and keep the bottoms.

5. Carve two rib-sized holes in the bottom of the bottle.  One will be slightly larger than the other.  The ribs will ultimately be shoved through these holes to represent the ulna and radius of a severed wrist.

Rib bones in a bottle.

STEP 8: A severed human forearm: Just one more great use for dead pigs.

6. Carve in one tiny hole, for the nozzle of the infant nasal aspirator.

7. Fill both nasal aspirators with fake blood.  I chose to super glue the top on them to prevent the top from popping off when it’s squeezed.

8. Insert the two ribs into the rib holes.  Glue them in place.

9. Insert the nasal aspirator into the tiny hole from the bottom of the bottle.  Super glue it onto the bottle.

Bone chunks and blood aspirators

STEP 9: Once you cover it all in bloody meat and skin, hold those aspirators in your fingertips and squeeze. Movie magic for zero budget projects.

10. Glue the chicken skin and meat to the bottom of the bottle (now the top of your stump).

At this point, you’re just about done.  When you’re ready to shoot, hold the aspirator from the bottom of the bottle and hide the whole contraption in your sleeves.  Have a friend douse your stumps in fake blood, and scream while you squeeze the blood out of the aspirators.  Convincing gore from the mind of Jim Crowe.

Steve and Dustin

Steve Fabro controls fog while Dustin Thomas "bleeds" to "death".

Jim also provided me with two fog machines.  I highly recommend incorporating fog into scenes where it’s appropriate- just like rain, fog increases perceived production value, while being really cheap.  From a lighting standpoint, fog also softens light and evens it out over  your actors.

Happy stumping.

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glasspixelstudios says:

Nice tutorial man. We’re shooting a movie and we need stumps similar to these, but can’t find them anywhere. Do you happen to know where we could buy them?

Owen says:

I was in the same position– the problem being that there was nowhere to buy stumps. That’s where the aspirator/water bottle/rack of ribs method came in handy. (no pun intended) If you make your own, you’ll have much more luck and save a ton of money on getting prosthetics.

glasspixelstudios says:

We’d like the forearm to be partly exposed. We’re looking into fashioning some kind of sleeve or skin colored mold. If you have any other tips or suggestions, I’d really appreciate it.

By the way, do you have a link to the film above? Love to check it out. Thx.

Owen says:

Hey, sorry for the massive delay. The messaging system on my site was on the fritz. Did you have any luck with the forearm experiment? As for Rock, Paper, Scissors– it was always intended to just be a trailer- no feature-length film was ever going to happen.