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Owen Weber Overplugged Web

Announcing New Show Dates!

Folks, I have some REALLY exciting news. Coming in May, I’ll be doing a month-long run of a one man show at The WIP Theater in Chicago! I’m trying something totally different here- it’s a mix of standup, short films, music, and […]

I think I just... yep, I just peed a little.

Gunfights With Children: My First Paintball Outing Gets Weird

Three seconds had passed before I got shot in the face.  A second bullet struck my Adam’s apple, which hurt like hell and left a bright red mark on my skin that looked like a passionate teenage hickey.  A third […]

Which is cooler?  The answer: neither.

Never Criticize The Chicago Cubs Mascot

In early January of this year, the Chicago Cubs announced their new mascot: Clark the Cub.  Cute little guy, dressed without pants like Donald Duck.  I thought it was fine, except for one thing: that backwards hat. What follows is […]

New Show Date! March 22nd, 2014, at Chicago Filmmakers!

Mark your calendars! I’m filming a brand new show that mixes standup and shorts. https://www.facebook.com/events/1395257627405980/ More info coming soon!  

Milweiser image

Explaining The Milweiser Backdoor Bottle

The stuff I produce tries to be self-explanatory.  The more you explain a joke, the less funny it gets- like the famous quote, “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” […]

My photos on the Kuvva front page

Welcome, Kuvva users!

I’m excited to report that this week I’m a featured artist on Kuvva, a really cool desktop/mobile app that automatically downloads curated artwork and photography to your computer/phone.  Seven selected shots will be featured– and I’m proud that although I’ve […]

Fashion Police Excerpts 9-21-12

US Weekly’s Fashion Police- September 21st, 2012

This week, Ed Westwick and Mena Suvari bring out the worst in me.

Rita Ora in a bad dress

US Weekly’s Fashion Police- August 31st, 2012

Bad call by Rita Ora.