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Ryan Kincade's mother, Roberta, in her kitchen.

Area Mother Hurt In Tragic Eat-And-Run

A 21-year-old Royal Oak man is in custody after his involvement in emotionally wounding his mother in a tragic eat-and-run.

Lioness Stalking a crowd of partially nude PETA protesters

PETA Protests Natural Selection; 17 Members Devoured In Serengeti

TANZANIA- Seventeen protesters from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals have been hunted, killed and eaten in East Africa during PETA’s March Against Natural Selection. The animal rights organization, known for using controversial tactics to attract media attention, traveled […]


Lohan: “I’m Not A Cokehead, Just Preparing For Role As One”

LOS ANGELES- Actress Lindsay Lohan revealed Tuesday that the chaotic, over-publicized past six years of her life were simply drastic character research for an upcoming role as a manic, promiscuous cokehead. The announcement has startled the nation, who had widely […]

Microsoft Enters Auto Industry, Unveils Kwerty Coupe

Microsoft Enters Auto Industry, Unveils Kwerty Coupe

DETROIT– Microsoft Corporation officially entered the US auto industry this week, unveiling it’s new coupe, the Microsoft Kwerty, during a press day keynote address at the North American International Auto Show. Primarily known for it’s Windows operating system and electronic […]

A group of people yawning

Contagious Yawn Spreading to West Coast

ATLANTA- The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a statement Monday that a highly contagious yawn with origins in the east coast is rapidly spreading and may reach the entire western seaboard by the end of the week. The […]