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  • Shorts

  • Written and directed. Sometimes starring.
Milweiser image

Butt-Chugging Goes Mainstream With The Milweiser Backdoor Bottle

Less taste, more filling. That’s Milweiser.

We Didn't Start The Fire

We Didn’t Start The Fire | 2013 Celebrity Hype Edition

  I first started thinking of a year-end recap version of We Didn’t Start The Fire in mid-June– and as most of these things go, my early drafts were weak and without much form or focus.  That’s why I enlisted […]

The Wolf of Bedford Falls

The Wolf of Bedford Falls | Martin Scorsese’s “It’s A Wonderful Life”

With an alleged sequel to “It’s A Wonderful Life” in the news (which I hope doesn’t happen), I did a trailer mashup of It’s A Wonderful Life in the style of the new Scorsese film, “The Wolf of Wall Street”. […]

Title screen

The Real World House of Horrors

Who needs Halloween when life is scary enough as it is? Written and edited by Owen Weber Co-Writers: Erin Thorn, Chad Queen, Eric Kelly, Stephen Fabro

April Rose and Sir

The Male Siri: A Creepy Stage Five Clinger (iPhone Commercial Parody)

SIR is the most accurate male artificial intelligence ever. Perhaps too accurate. Written by Eric Kelly and Owen Weber Directed, Filmed, and Edited by Owen Weber CAST (In order of appearance) Rachel Fabro (http://twitter.com/rcfabro) Erin Thorn (http://www.erin-thorn.com) April Rose (http://www.aprilroseonline.com) […]


It’s Movin’ Season | RAM Truck Commercial Parody

It’s movin’ season! And when your friends ask you to help them move, you’ll need a Hemi-powered RAM to haul all their heavy, unnecessary, and sometimes creepy stuff. Written by Owen Weber and Eric Kelly Edited, Produced, and Voiced by […]

Dancing group

The Charlie Brown School of Dance

  Big thanks to the great cast of this video! In order of appearance: Eric Kelly- bad club dancer/russian cossack dance Tricia Franciose- club dancer/wafting odor Rachel Fabro- club dancer/the concussion Dustin Thomas- club dancer/the third base coach Stephen Fabro- […]

Charlie Whittington and Derek Mask


JeterMatch.com is the official dating service of Derek Jeter’s ex-girlfriends.
He may be a shortstop, but you can still have his seconds.

Group in morgue

TMI: Miami

Check out our latest short: TMI: Miami. Even though CSI: Miami is canceled, we honor it here with Too Much Information.