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StageCenter: On thESPiaN



StageCenter is your home for nonstop theater news…on the worldwide leader in theatre, thESPiaN.

For those of us who really love theater and want a bit more- here’s the full, uncut version.

Marcus DeMarcus: Dague Retzlaff
Brad Joel: Owen Weber
Rob Scott: Eric Kelly
Jimmy Marlier: Stephen Fabro
Brett Miller: Kevin LeBlanc
Chris Duggan: Hunter Bradley

Parts of this video used Creative Commons content, credited below:

Pinocchio Footage:
Northampton Community Television

“Jenna Kaynigbauer” headshot:
Flickr user “Thunderchild7”

“Randall McClaskey” headshot:
Photobucket user zenogais176

“Ross Truvall” headshot
Flickr user Steve Jurvetson

“Bob Vidal” headshot
Flickr user GreggMP

Alice In Wonderland:
Northampton Community Television

Bullshot Crummond blooper:
Green Valley Theatre

The Miracle Worker photo:
Flickr user Lee Radin

The Crucible photo:
Flickr user Kablephoto

The Importance Of Being Earnest:
Flickr user Kurt Magoon

Death of A Salesman:
Flickr user GalPal2

The Merchant of Venice photo:
Flickr user Nathan