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Lohan: “I’m Not A Cokehead, Just Preparing For Role As One”

LOS ANGELES- Actress Lindsay Lohan revealed Tuesday that the chaotic, over-publicized past six years of her life were simply drastic character research for an upcoming role as a manic, promiscuous cokehead.

The announcement has startled the nation, who had widely considered her to be nothing more than a spoiled Hollywood starlet with no respect for herself, the law, or humankind in general.  Lohan said the media has simply misinterpreted her vigorous research for the film “Sophie’s Struggle” as a tumultuous personal life.

In the upcoming Fox Searchlight drama, Lohan plays Sophie, a troubled Boston teen who runs away from her abusive foster parents and resorts to drugs and prostitution to survive her life on the streets.  Director Darren Aronofsky describes the project as “a paralyzingly depressing insight into human nature’s venomous horrors, while shot in dramatic black and white 16 millimeter film”.

In an exclusive interview on Inside The Actor’s Studio with James Lipton, Lohan detailed her reasons for such drastic character research, as well as her meticulous and groundbreaking approach to Method acting.


James Lipton interviews Lindsay Lohan.

“In the traditional Method, actors draw upon personal life experiences to provide their characters with compelling emotion,” said Lohan.   “Without living Sophie’s demons on my own, I would have never known what it’s like to be imprisoned, publicly humiliated, or strung out on Peruvian-grade cocaine.”

“Until 2005, I was being typecast into Disney movies and lighthearted comedies.  After Mean Girls, I was ready to spread my wings and conquer a role that was a total 180 from my resume.”

Preparations for the role involved taking great risks at the cost of her bankability at the box office.

Lindsay Lohan gets out of a car.

A carefully orchestrated character exercise for Lohan's upcoming role.

“Sophie’s downward spiral begins when she’s expelled from high school after a bully convinces her to hide a baggie of oxycontin in her bookbag.  For the sake of the character, I needed to feel the repercussions of a bad decision, which is why I made I Know Who Killed Me.”

That’s when I realized I wouldn’t feel the genuine misery of sexual exploitation until every inch of my body was photographed and published on the internet.  So I posed nude in New York Magazine and partied in London for a while, and carelessly climbed out of limos to let the paparazzi take shots of me going commando.”

Fans have criticized her willingness to sully her name in order to further her career, and was conflicted in keeping the character development a secret.

“Whenever the press would criticize me for throwing away every opportunity I was given, I just wanted to say, ‘It’s not really me, it’s Sophie!’ ”

It’s not like I didn’t drop hints,” said Lohan with a smile.  “In my Vanity Fair interview, I said that I was ‘A damn good actress’, but I guess I was a little too convincing!”

Lohan told Lipton she was inspired working with actor Jared Leto in the film Chapter 27, who gained 67 pounds to play Mark David Chapman.

“In The Graduate, when the character of Ben had been awake for 24 hours, Dustin Hoffman stayed up for a full day with no sleep to look as convincing as possible.  Mark Wahlberg trained for six years for his role as a boxer in The Fighter…”

James Lipton Looking Bewildered

James Lipton was bewildered at Lohan's intense role preparation and unappreciated skill.

Lipton finished, “…And Lindsay Lohan completely decimated her career to build it back stronger. “

A large portion of the film revolves around Sophie’s struggles in prison, and then on probation.  Sophie attends court-appointed rehab three times throughout the film, which Lohan emulated.

“I realized I had to get a bunch of DUIs to get into severe legal trouble.  I was like, oh my God, I don’t want to wreck my car!  I love that car!” said Lohan, to audience laughter and applause.

“I eventually got a SCRAM bracelet put on my leg, but by then I was fully in character.  Out of habit, one morning I made myself a mimosa, and—BAM.  Parole violation.”

Her riskiest move, however, was enduring health risks to develop character traits.

“Sophie was forced into prostitution to support her drug habit, so I dated around a lot.  Wilmer Valderamma, Harry Morton, Calum Best, Riley Giles, Samantha Ronson—all part of the plan.  Plus, I killed two birds with one stone, since that promiscuity gave me the same wicked kidney infection that Sophie gets after a month of being pounded like a loose nail.

“It was a tough process.  I mean, I preferred having a curvy, healthy figure.  But Sophie’s hepatitis was a central part of her downfall and I did what I had to do.”

Lohan expressed her excitement to be involved in a very serious film.

“There’s this really neat scene where her crack baby daughter flatlines in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and she’s pounding on the incubator for her to wake up.  But she doesn’t die.  Yet.

“Not to mention the film’s climax, where Sophie is dying alone and penniless in a gas station bathroom, clutching a photo of herself as a child being held by her dead mother.  I could have said her dying words, ‘I’m sorry, momma’ a thousand ways, but there’s only one way a truly hopeless addict would deal with parental betrayal.

Crowd Packed Inside The Actors Studio

The theater was packed full of students eager to learn Lohan's approach to Method acting.

“I’m so lucky my mom was on board to start an exploitative reality show and pretend she was manipulating my entire family for her own financial gain.   She’s in the audience tonight.  Mom, stand up.  Give her a round of applause, everybody!”

Many already speculate an Oscar win for Lohan, even before principal photography has begun.

“She’s revolutionized acting in American cinema,” said film critic Richard Roeper.   “To truly immerse oneself in a character to this extent is beyond comprehension.   The way actors approach roles is changed forever.  In fact, Cuba Gooding, Jr. is rumored to have had both his legs amputated to reprise his role as a legless Master Diver in Men Of Honor 2.

“The film is only an afterthought of the movie trailer we’ve been watching for the past five years.  It’s true marketing genius.

James Lipton hailed her dedication and sacrifice to her craft.

The  “Ms. Lohan has a je ne sais quoi– a dedication to theatrical trompe l’oeil that is unprecedented as it is astonishing, and her method en masse shall be cemented in the pages of human history as an avant-garde tour de force, swirling her scepter of cinema verite as a cinematic belle époque, to which I say, touchez,” concluded Lipton.

“You are so ‘bon’ at acting.”

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